Burgers, Fries & Pies

StuckUps Burgers, Fries, and Pies is inspired by the memories of when I was a little boy with my grandpa and Dad taking me to Apple Pan, In-N-Out, and McDonald’s. Those memories sparked my passion for burgers. Throughout my life I always loved burgers. Now I want to share that love of burgers with everyone.

Our nostalgic menu features classic American favorites with a modern twist, made with the freshest ingredients, cooked to perfection. 

To top it off we use homemade burger buns  from Breadbar LA. 

We also showcase nostalgic ingredients. For example we use 

100% beef tallow to fry our french fries, like Mc Donald’s did in the past. Come visit us and enjoy our delicious nostalgic burgers, fries, and pies. #InBurgersWeTrust