Spacex Food Trucks Employee Badging Process

Food Trucks Employee Badging Process

Due to various food truck employees entering SpaceX buildings to use the restrooms, as well as food truck employees entering the facilities via unauthorized areas, beginning Wednesday April 17, 2023 every food truck employee will be required to check-in with SpaceX Security to be badged in daily. When arriving for service you must report to the nearest security check-in location, listed below, and everyone working on the truck will be required to provide valid identification to receive a Red badge, to be granted access on the property and work the scheduled shift. Important, a valid non-expired Government issued Identification will need to be presented daily to receive a red badge. Acceptable forms of ID include: Drivers Licenses, State issued Pictured ID, Passport, Military ID, or Green card. This badge access does not permit food truck employees entry to any of the SpaceX buildings or grant employees permission to roam around the facility. After services for the day have concluded, employees must return to the badge station to return their red badge daily.

See Map Below for Badging locations:


1. Introduction and Purpose

a.         SpaceX needs and values the support provided to us by our Contractors in our mission to make life multiplanetary. This cooperative effort is particularly critical for contractors/vendors/agencies (collectively referred to herein as "Contractor") providing onsite services. 

b.         This policy is intended to outline rules and expectations for Contractors approved to work at a SpaceX facility. We require each worker of a Contractor (“Contract Worker”) performing work onsite to read, understand, and sign this policy to ensure a safe and collaborative work environment for all of us. Failure to sign this policy will result in Contract Workers being denied access to the site and failure to abide by this policy will result in corrective action as defined in Section 6 below.

c.         Any suspected violations of this policy and the associated regulations referenced herein must be reported to your SpaceX POC immediately.

d.         If you have any questions or feedback regarding this policy please reach out to your SpaceX POC-

2. Security, Confidentiality, and ITAR compliance

a.         SpaceX is required to set and enforce measures to protect business proprietary, export controlled, and other sensitive information that is available at its facilities. To that end, all Contract Workers must:

i.          Follow posted security guidelines and comply with instructions from site security personnel.

ii.          Understand and comply with all SpaceX contractual provisions regarding confidentiality.

b.         Photography and personal cell phone use

i.          Absolutely no photography or videography is allowed at anytime, anywhere on SpaceX property.

3. Professional Conduct

a.         All Contract Workers are expected to maintain a professional work environment, which includes but is not limited to the following:

i.          Follow the SpaceX Code of Business Ethics and Conduct ("the Code"), which is signed by your company as part of the supplier onboarding process (copies are available from Purchasing upon request).

ii.          Not engage in or tolerate any harassment, discrimination, or other unprofessional behavior.

iii.         Report any instances of individuals behaving unprofessionally to your company and SpaceX POC

b.         SpaceX reserves the right to conduct searches to ensure compliance with all SpaceX rules and with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including those regarding safety, security, and the use or possession of prohibited items, including:

i.          Illegal drugs (including marijuana even in states where is it decriminalized), prescription drugs or medications not used or possessed in compliance with a current valid prescription.

ii.          Firearms, weapons, or any other dangerous materials of any kind that are not required for the performance of work-related duties. 

iii.         Any items of an obscene, harassing, demeaning, or violent nature. 

iv.         Any property, including SpaceX property, in the possession or control of someone who does not have authorization from the owner of such property to possess or control the property.

4. Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS)

a.         Contract Workers are expected to obey all SpaceX EHS rules and guidelines for the site where they are assigned, even if those policies are stricter than the existing state and local government regulations, and to exercise caution in all work activities.

                        i.          Be sure to promptly report all truck spills or safety issues to SpaceX security and/or your SpaceX POC

b.         Anyone should stop work if they believe in good faith that there is an unsafe situation. If either the lead Contract Worker or the SpaceX POC do not feel that a task/situation is safe, work should not proceed until both are confident that it can be completed safely (typically in consultation with SpaceX EHS). SpaceX requires all individuals to report all injuries, unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. 

c.         Contract Workers will not be subjected to adverse action because they have filed a complaint, assisted in a compliance investigation, or engaged in any other legally protected activities.

5. Parking 

a.         Personal vehicles are not allowed on SpaceX property.  Permitted food trucks should be staged in their assigned areas in a manner not blocking and/or impeding traffic or loading/unloading zones. Personal vehicle parking is available in the visitor lot and in public parking areas.

6. Violations and Corrective Action

The following table outlines four distinct categories of violation and corresponding consequences for both Contractors and individual Contract Workers. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the violations and corresponding corrective actions provided in the table below are not exhaustive and that SpaceX reserves the right in its sole discretion to adjust response measures or to otherwise add or remove any Contractor from SpaceX's approved Contractor list at any time for any reason or no reason:


Acknowledgement Page

All members of this food truck organization understand, agree, and acknowledge the terms and expectations outlined in this agreement. Sign and return to Randy Hyatt before April 12, 2024.


Truck Name and Date 



Truck Owner, Name and Signature 

Steven A Rodriguez


Truck Owner, Name and Signature 

David B Babtkis


Truck Employee, Name and Signature 

May 30, 2024


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